Friday, November 12, 2010

Educational Perspectives: Clean Green Hour: November 13, 2010

Susan J. Marks is an award-winning journalist and author(Aqua Shock- 2009: Bloomberg Press). She spent more than a dozen years at the Denver Post, primarily as Sunday business editor and special projects editor/business. She has also written for Business Week, the Los Angeles Times, Forbes, and others. Her work has received awards and recognition from local, regional, and national organizations, including Gannett, the Colorado Press Association, and the Society of American Business Editors and Writers. She lives in Denver.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Susanne's Garden Moments

Saturday, June 5th, 2010 @ 1:00 pm EST on
This week I will be "on location" at Green Meadows Farms in Monticello, Fl. Monticello is just east of Tallahassee. When most people think of Florida, they think of palm trees, sand and Disney World. Florida has some awesome farmland. This is Opening Weekend there for U-Pick USDA Certified Organic Blueberries. I have picked strawberries and raspberries as a kid on our small farm in SE Indiana, but never blueberries. I am looking forward to the adventure and I invite you to come along.

I am celebrating one year on community radio this Saturday. Let's hear it for Susanne's Garden Moments....Happy Anniversary. Join me for the celebration party, we will eat some blueberries together and support our local farms and farmers in the area.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Susanne's Garden Moments

Susanne's Garden Moments will be streamed online at the all new and improved hhtp:// this Saturday, May 1, 2010 between 1:00 - 2:00 pm EST.

This week I will be "on location" in my very own back yard and garden. What a sweet and peaceful place to be as I will try to tap into the imagination of my Listeners to give them a glimpse of my gardening experiences and memories as we TOUR the gardens together. I have had 22 years+ of gardening moments. I know I don't sound that old (just kidding).

We will also participate in our 2nd Annual Plant SALE where my neighbor Pat and I won't get rich by selling some "starts" we have re-potted but it will be fun interviewing Pat and the shoppers to hear their gardening moments and the projects they are working on.

Join me this Saturday in my garden. If you are in the area, come to the Plant SALE. Tell them Susanne sent you and get a FREE plant!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Susanne's Garden Moments

Susanne's Garden Moments with its new audio stream online will be "on location" this Saturday, April 3rd on at 1:00 pm- 2:00 pm EST. What a treat this is for me. I will be streaming from Sacramento, California to meet and interview Peter and Denise. In their small back yard, Peter built this raised brick border that circles their small yard. They loaded the guessed it, with cow manure/organic compost, planted perennials that are perfect for the Mediterranean climate and 5 years later, it is breathtaking year round. Denise says the garden now practically grow by itself. I can't wait to tell you about it, canna lilies are all over the place, lamb's ears, this plant that looks like an iris, but has red flowers that the hummingbirds love.

Got the picture? It is awesome. We will take a tour in the Zone 9 and dream away about what happens when one plants the right plants, in the right Zone, in the right light exposure. I think you will enjoy hearing about it.

Please join me in Sacramento. Also, if you have a garden or outdoor space you want me to visit? Do you want me to stream from your place? Just let me know. or Google Susanne's Garden Moments and become a FB fan.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Susanne's Garden Moments Show

Susanne's Garden Moments with its new audio stream online will go "on location" this Saturday, March 6th on @ 1:00pm-2:00pm EST. I am excited about the Show. I hope you will listen and give me some feedback. I am headed to St. Petersburg, FL to meet and interview Janell Clare and to see her Outdoor Room. Janell lives in a small home, has a small garden with a cozy Outdoor Room she has created that overlooks her garden. How sweet does this sound? We will hear how it happened on a small budget, but with lots of creativity.

Gardening and outdoor living provides us the freedom to play and have fun. We can let our imaginations go wild. It is a stage for playfulness. Springtime brings us new opportunities also and I hope my springtime suggestions will motivate the Listeners to "play in the dirt."

I am not sure about you, but I allow life to "wind me up too tight". Gardening loosens me up. Hey, I like that. Join me on Saturday in St. Petersburg as we visit Janell in her Outdoor Room, to hear her story and feel her energy in her home and garden. P.S. Do you have a garden or outdoor space you want me to visit? Just let me know at or Google Susanne's Garden Moments and become a Facebook Friend or FAN.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Susanne's Garden Moments

"Gardening in the dead of winter..." @ 1:00 pm EST the first Saturday of the month is Susanne's Garden Moments. It is TODAY. I am excited about today's Show; I hope you will join me or blog me from this site.

Sometimes I get grumpy on my job. Have you ever experience that? By Friday, I am usually overly ready for the weekend. This morning I was thinking about my grumpiness, even dwelling on it, feeling bad that I had acted that way. My reflecting was now starting to ruin my Saturday. Are you with me? And then I couldn't get it off my mind.

All of a sudden I decided to take a little walk through the yard and garden. The sun is sort of shining here today. It is chilly, the wind is blowing, the clouds come and go, but it is a beautiful February day. There is a lot to do in the garden and yard at this time of the year and even that can be overwhelming. There are dead plants that need to be trimmed back soon, cleaning up the beds exposing whatever is "green". This morning in my little walk, I just walked, just looked. I checked what was living and what I might be able to do today.

Here is where I am going with this. My ENERGY doubled. My ATTITUDE improved tremendously. I can't explain it; I just noticed something about me and how I was FEELING and started to feel differently. That little walk changed me this morning quickly to be in a better mental place. I think it was just being outside in a place I love, feeling the fresh air, breathing it up and just looking around. Can I get an Amen?

Today's Show is not really about that, but it is. Being outside no matter how big or small your outside place is, it can re-energize us. I believe that. Breathing up some fresh air, especially now in the winter. I had to share that. Have a great winter day and I hope to "feel" you on the Show.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Green Homes and Green Savings": Jan 16, 2010

Join us for a candid conversation and educaitonal experience with Ron Huges!

Ron Hughes, owner and president of HERS, Inc. ( ), resides in Little Rock. He is a certified HERS Energy Rater, RESNET certified Green Rater, NAHB Model Green Home Verifier, member of the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET). He was first certified as an energy auditor in 1981 by the State of Missouri. He has been a residential energy efficiency consultant since 1983 when on contract to the Arkansas Energy Office.

He is a member of the Home Builders Association of Greater Little Rock, the US Green Building Council, the Arkansas Disability Coalition, the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials and the Rural Rental Housing Association. Ron has held a Class B HVACR license in Arkansas.

HERS is an acronym for home energy rating systems. Much like miles-per-gallon stickers on cars, HERS programs are designed to rate the relative energy efficiency of houses and provide information on the performance and operating costs of homes based on analysis and testing. In addition, such programs can provide improvement recommendations along with their potential savings.

Ron has been involved in developing, implementing and managing HERS programs since 1987 as Director of Energy Rated Homes of Arkansas, a nonprofit organization funded by the Arkansas Energy Office to promote energy efficiency. He was later president of Energy Rated Homes of America (ERHA) and was instrumental in establishing HERS programs in numerous states and helping ERHA grow to be the most widely used rating system for both new and existing homes in the country. The goal was a national, uniform rating system for homes.

Over time ERHA evolved into the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), a 501(c)3 organization who’s mission is “to ensure the success of the building energy performance certification industry, set the standards of quality, and increase the opportunity for ownership of high performance buildings.”

“It’s OK to look back, but don’’t stare.”

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Becoming a fan on Facebook

I want to encourage you to become a fan of Susanne's Garden Moments on FACEBOOK. It is so easy. I would love to have you join me.

Let's not keep Susanne or her garden or (some of) her moments a secret. OK?

I look forward to seeing you there or reading about you here. Susanne

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Today's Susanne's Garden Moments in review

What did you think of Susanne's Garden Moments Radio Show today?
Susanne: My goal today was (1) to invite listeners to join me in building a sustainable (virtual) community, (2) to ask them to search Susanne Fortune on Facebook, sign up to be my Facebook Fan, connect to my BLOG and (3) to think of how each could take their own sustainability to a new level, personally, in their home, garden, community, work. I ask people to commit in whatever they were doing and to do more.

What do you mean when you say sustainability?
Susanne: For me and I hope this is what the listeners heard me say today. It means taking small steps toward saving the environment, simplifying and enriching one's life in an awareness to nursture ourselves and our earth. That might be (1) exercising more, (2) eating local foods, (3) being outside in the fresh air, (4) recycling more or if you are not recycling...start. It might mean (5) building and planting a Square Foot Garden in the Spring, but thinking and planning for it NOW. (6) It might mean building a Square Foot Garden for someone else to help them learn how to garden and in the feed their family!!

Sustainability means promoting simplicity by educating ourselves and supporting each other to help "settle us down" to what is really important. Does that make sense? Often people will say, "I don't have time." Maybe that is it....I think sustainable means to save energy personally and collectively as a group.

How do you envision this whole idea?
Susanne: Well, it is not a new idea, it is just a concept that I would like to help organize. I really believe in family, community, groups, people. I really believe that a group, if they put their heads together around their own idea, the outcome can be a powerful thing. We have all seen that from time to time so I ask what is possible here? I do need others to come along with me.

How will you know if it is successful?
Susanne: Hmmmm. We will get ideas flowing in, ideas with heart and passion, we will learn from the people inside and outside the group, we will build trust and respect, to name a few. Perhaps other sustainable communities will spin off, maybe Garden Moments Clubs will pop up all over the place because people will want to supplement their family's meals with fresh vegetables that they planted. People will get into it and want to help others plant 4x4 foot gardens to supplement other family's meals.

Sorry, I get carried away. Let us leave it at that. I believe in small steps sometimes and big steps at other times. Please mark this day down, January 2, 2010. This day has small and big implications! I can't wait to see what happens.

Susanne Fortune

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Let's get the New Year started right and "Make It Clean and Green"! I am so looking forward to 2010! See you all there!